Bad Court Holds Judges Accountable

We are bringing back Bad Court because, in its absence, it seems that the three counties that comprise District 12 in Northeastern Oklahoma have abounded with insanity and foolishness. By “insanity and foolishness” we mean that the courts continue to be manned with judges who made it to the bench because of who they know rather than what they know.

While navigating the pages of Bad Court, you will find interesting tidbits for each of the judges in District 12. Granted some judges are a little more interesting than others, but we can’t help that…we don’t make the news. We just report it! While we are on the subject, please know that Bad Court will not publish information that is not believed to be true. That means no rumors, and information must be backed by some sort of evidence.

Among the wealth of information that we will share, you will find links to reversed decisions (which is code for “judge got smacked down by the higher court for Bad Court decisions”), documents that the average joe may not be able to find easily (usually because someone has hidden them) and a virtual road map for each of your local jurist’s path to the top (you are sure to be baffled).